Brick Cleaning

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Brick Cleaning

February 13, 2018 News & Articles 0

Routine brick cleaning is essential in keeping your home looking beautiful but how you clean your brick is even more important. Pressure washing your brick can actually damage the face of the brick and even rip the mortar, between the bricks, out. At Aqua Pressure Washing we recommend a soft wash approach to cleaning your exterior brick. Our brick cleaning solution will penetrate deep into the brick and mortar to kill the algae, mildew and fungus. By killing the algae, mildew and fungus our brick cleaning service will last longer than a standard pressure washing and won’t damage your brick or the mortar. Remember, Aqua Pressure Washing provides roof and exterior cleaning, including brick, to the Triad, North Carolina. Give Aqua Pressure Washing a call to receive your free roof and exterior cleaning proposal.

Steven Bradford